Shelter Insurance Social Media Content Library

Please note: This is only available to Shelter Insurance agents and I can’t post the designs publicly.


Overview: This is a website agents can go to to get social media posts that have been put together by Shelter’s marketing department.

My Role: When the project first started I was the Lead Front-End Developer but quickly became the UX Designer.  

Goal: Provide an easy way for Agents to access social media posts created by Shelter’s Marketing Department.  Agents were copying and pasting posts from a PDF and consistently making mistakes. Due to the location of the PDF, it was cumbersome for them to get to the content.

Duration:  This project lasted about two years due to losing priority from management a couple of times.  

Team: Since this project was so long the team consisted of myself, and three other front-end developers.  Only two developers were working on it at the same time.


I was given very little access to Agents for this project so I wasn’t able to research as much as I would have liked.

My attempt to hear from all Agents was to send out a survey. I asked questions about their likes and dislikes of the current system, how often they post to social media sites, what their motivation is for posting, etc.

Other than the survey I was given very limited access to the Agents so I spoke with the people who interacted closely with them. This consisted of Marketing Department employees. I talked to them about their conversations with Agents and asked them what information Agents needed to share, where they were making errors, and what the common complaints and compliments were for the current process.

The Problem

I discovered that The Agents were having a hard time copying and pasting from a PDF document, customizing the content, and weren’t able to access photos for their social media.  As a result the following features were implemented:

Display a photo for the Agent to download easily.

Allow Agents to select which words in a sentence would be best for their particular situation. We determined that highlighting the customizable words and allowing them to simply click the word they wanted to use would be the easiest solution for sentence customization.  Example: Call me| my office at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Allow them to enter their contact information and save it in a cookie to allow for auto-filling in posts. Example: Call me at 573-639-9999

Provide an easy way to select and copy all the text after customization.

Allow them to filter based on social media platform and topic.

In speaking with Marketing it became apparent they were dedicating a lot of time to the social media posts. Due to this we decided to provide a section for guidelines, instructions and FAQs to reduce the amount of time Marketing had to spend talking with Agents..


I was not given permission to take anything to Agents to have them test.  Since Marketing spoke with them the most, I tested the application with those who weren’t assisting throughout the development process.  I also did some quick hallway tests with Shelter Insurance employees.  I looked for employees who had experience posting to social media and had the same amount and type of insurance knowledge as Agents. These participants were as close to representative users as I could get.

Shelter Insurance Public Site

Shelter Insurance Screenshot




  • Design and redesign based off of usability testing, wireframes and prototypes
  • Backend user training
  • CMS admin
  • Communicate with developers to ensure website functions properly
  • Iterate with coworkers on redesigns using  protoypes and/or wireframes.
  • Lead design brainstorming sessions with three to six people.
  • Train and work with new hires on design and usability issues.
  • Redesign or design and build subdomains, intranet sites, partner websites and sections.
  • Work with developers and associates on front-end issues as necessary.
  • Focus on the user experience for all projects.  This includes activities like usability testing, surveys, analytics, etc
  • Link:

Columbia Daily Tribune





Please note: This site has been redesigned since I worked on it.

  • Designed, redesigned and maintained site using iteration, wireframes and prototypes
  • CMS admin.
  • Met with various staff members and departments to discuss interest in and requirements of the new website.
  • Played an integral role in transitioning the fixed-width website into a responsive website.
  • Switched out content management systems and trained staff on new CMS
  • Troubleshot and corrected reader issues and complaints.
  • Link:

Shelter Insurance Policy Change

  • Please note: This is only accessible by Shelter Insurance clients
  • Assisted in requirements gathering.
  • Focused on UX Design. Designed the flow of a complex task to cause the least confusion for customers.
  • Lead front-end developer through development process.
  • Held first round of usability testing and created PowerPoint presentation based off the findings.