Writing Portfolio

While attending the University of Missouri to obtain a Journalism degree, I worked as a reporter with a local newspaper, the Columbia Missourian. Here are a few articles I wrote that were published:

The Rising Cost of Food: An article discussing the ever increasing cost of groceries and the impact it has on Columbia’s residents.

Rockstars by Night: A feature article covering band members of Los Desterrados and how their day job contrasts with their night life.

Made in Boone County: A feature article covering a few Boone county companies who can support those who want to eat local.

Man Fights Off Assailants: An article about a man who almost got robbed in Columbia, Missouri.

Report of Gunshot Leads to Three Arrests:  An article about Columbia, Missouri residents who were arrested from a call about gunshots.

MU Freshman Dies in Car Accident in Illinois: An article about the death of a well liked student at the University of Missouri.


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