Writing Portfolio

While attending the University of Missouri to obtain a Journalism degree, I worked as a reporter with a local newspaper, the Columbia Missourian. Here are a few articles I wrote that were published:

The Rising Cost of Food: An article discussing the ever increasing cost of groceries and the impact it has on Columbia’s residents.

Rockstars by Night: A feature article covering band members of Los Desterrados and how their day job contrasts with their night life.

Made in Boone County: A feature article covering a few Boone county companies who can support those who want to eat local.

Man Fights Off Assailants: An article about a man who almost got robbed in Columbia, Missouri.

Report of Gunshot Leads to Three Arrests:  An article about Columbia, Missouri residents who were arrested from a call about gunshots.

MU Freshman Dies in Car Accident in Illinois: An article about the death of a well liked student at the University of Missouri.


Please also visit my blog for a preview of some of my most recent writing.

In addition to all of this, my previous boss would often comment about my writing skills and would send coworkers to me so I could help them with writing reports for management and executives. I don’t have any report samples listed for review because they are the property of Shelter Insurance.