Say Insurance Customer Services

Please note: This is only available to Say Insurance employees and I can’t post the design publicly.


I worked with this team to help build a policy change web application for Say Insurance’s customer service department and to make sure Salesforce was streamlined and as easy to use as possible.

Goal: Implement Salesforce and ensure that it was intuitive enough for relatively new Customer Services employees. The idea was to have it simple enough that they could easily complete tasks without much thought when a customer is on the phone so they could focus on that conversation. Due to high employee turnover in this department this would also help to reduce training. I also worked to ensure that an in-house application integrated well within Salesforce.  I designed the in-house application and a couple of minor interfaces for Salesforce.

Duration: Testing Salesforce lasted about 6 months with usability testing occurring once every week or once every two weeks. I worked on the in-house application that was to integrate with Salesforce for two years.

Team: I worked with a Scrum team that included three developers and two Salesforce developers. I worked closely with the Product Owner and the Customer Services Team Leads as well as Customer Services Reps.

My Role: UX Architect


To kick the project off I interviewed the product owner, team leads and business partners to determine what the goals of the projects were.

I sat with Customer Services Reps once a week and watched them work to get an understanding of how they worked, what their current hurdles were, what worked well for them, etc.

I worked with the Customer Services Business Analyst to get reports on most common customer services calls and ongoing unsolved customer services issues.

Usability Testing:  I was able to set up regular tests with the Customer Services Reps to quickly test wireframes or features and fixes that had been implemented in the last week or two.  I set up observation rooms for anyone who was interested in observing.  I worked with the the in-house application developers, the in-house Salesforce developers, and a Salesforce agency to try and implement any of the issues found during usability testing.